Men rescued from dumpster as trash was being compacted

(ASHEVILLE, NC) Asheville fire officials say two men are in the hospital after being stuck in a dumpster while the garbage truck picked it up to compact the trash.

It happened just after 8 a.m. Tuesday at Hawthorne Apartments in North Asheville.

asheville dumpster 3
Courtesy Asheville Fire Department

An Asheville Fire Department spokesperson says both men were stuck in the dumpster while the trash truck was beginning to compact the trash. They say the garbage workers heard both the men screaming and stopped the compacting.

That’s when the fire department was called in to get the two men out. They were conscious and taken to the hospital. Fire officials don’t yet know the extent of their injures.

Fire officials aren’t sure if the men were sleeping in the dumpster or going through the trash.

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