Baby suffocates at Belton daycare; no charges

A 3-month-old baby boy who died at a home daycare in Belton, Friday afternoon, was swaddled in a blanket and put on his side before suffocating. It happened at a home daycare on Youth Center Road.

The Anderson County coroner’s office say the caregiver put Tate William Kirby into a crib around 11:30am Friday and checked on him again at 1pm.

When she checked again right after 2pm, the baby boy had rolled over face down on the plastic mattress.

The coroner says the baby died from asphyxiation and called it an unfortunate accident, but likely could have been prevented if the infant had been placed on his back to sleep.

CPR was performed on the child until EMS arrived. He was taken to the hospital where he died.

The coroner said 5 children were in the home. The caregiver is licensed to have 6 in the home.

The father of the child is a youth minister at Belton First Baptist Church.

The death was investigated by the Anderson County Sheriff’s Office, SLED, DSS and coroner as part of the Anderson County Child Fatality Team. No charges will be filed.

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