Man arrested after 2-month-old arrives at hospital with multiple broken bones

North Charleston (WCBD) – A North Charleston man in jail after his infant daughter showed up at the hospital with serious injuries. 25-year-old James Wolfe was arrested Wednesday on a charge of unlawful conduct toward a child. Detectives say James Douglas Wolfe admitted to throwing, squeezing, dropping, and hitting his 2-month-old daughter. When News 2 spoke to neighbors in North Charleston today, they became very emotional, both saddened and angry.

One neighbor, Kathy Sullivan, says, “I would not let no man put their hands on my kids no matter what. Whether it’s his baby or not. He has no rights to put his hands on any baby.”

The 2-month-old was brought to the hospital with multiple injuries: a broken clavicle, broken fibula, broken tibia, six broken ribs, cuts on her mouth, and bruising around the back of the child’s head about the size of adult finger prints.

Sullivan says, “I have 5 grand-kids and I’ve been raising them and there’s other options besides throwing a baby across the room or whatever.”

Detectives say the injuries are all at different stages of healing, so they suspect the abuse has been going on throughout the baby’s two months of life.

Sullivan says, “He’s a piece of ****, want to know my honest opinion?”

News 2 tried to speak to the child’s mother on Thursday and even though there was a car parked outside, no one answered the door. In court documents, detectives say the mother witnessed Wolfe throwing the baby on the couch, squeezing it, and she said she heard audible cracking.

Sullivan says, “If she knew that was going on she is just as much responsible as he is. So she could’ve got that baby out of there.”

The baby is receiving treatment for her injuries and Wolfe is held in jail on a $100,000 bond. North Charleston Police say the investigation is ongoing.

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