Civil War-era cannonballs found under Holly Hill home

HOLLY HILL, S.C. (WCBD) – An incredible find underneath a Holly Hill house last week… Civil War relics that could have been extremely dangerous.

Arnie Borowsky, who owns Arnie’s Handyman Service, was hired to check out a house on Peake Street in Holly Hill for a lady wanting to purchase the home.  It wasn’t long before Arnie and his crew discovered a pile of cannonballs.

“He looked right under and looked right over and said, ‘Hey! What is this? I said to my cousin Jay Pyatt, I said, ‘Jay what is this?’ He said, ‘A cannonball!’ and Austin says, ‘There’s seven more in here.’ So I went underneath the house and it looked like a nest of eggs.”

They didn’t know what to do. “We kind of discussed it, and I was the one to pull them out and we set them on the steps and one rolled off and we started thinking this might not be a good thing to do.”

So Arnie decided to let law enforcement know. “Then I put one in my truck to the Police Department. It was sitting on the seat beside me I didn’t know. That then rolled off the seat. I started thinking about it afterward, this could be a live shell you know.”

Holly Hill Police Chief Joshua Detter said this was a first for him. “Yeah, it was interesting to say the least.”

He contacted SLED who said the cannonballs could still be explosive. Chief Detter shut down a portion of the street in front of the home while SLED agents responded. “They have some pretty good equipment and they were able to take a portable x-ray machine back to where the cannonballs were and they were inert. They were just solid.”

An expert told them they were civil war cannonballs, including two which would have been chained together specifically designed to take out the mast of a ship.

Arnie said the officials say these cannonballs will not be returned because they’re considered military hardware.

If you find something similar to these cannonballs, you are urged to not touch them, but rather to call law enforcement.

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