Apple teams up with Cookie Monster in latest iPhone commercial

cookie monsterIf your company is in the middle of a big fight with the FBI and you have a new product coming out, you have to create some excitement. You also have to pick a spokesman who’s never going to be caught in a scandal.

Apple has chosen Cookie Monster as one of their new faces of the brand.

The chocolate-chip obsessed Sesame Street character is featured in a new ad released by Apple, showing him using the “Hey Siri” feature on the new iPhone 6S while he makes a mess baking cookies. The commercial highlights the fact that if your hands are dirty, you can use the hands-free feature to tell Siri what you need done. You don’t even have to touch the phone to get Siri to set a timer for you or play a playlist of songs for you.

Throughout the commercial, we see Cookie Monster engaged in all sorts of funny behavior as he waits for his beloved cookies to finish cooking.

The ad ends with him asking Siri to check the timer to see how much time has passed while his cookies are in the oven. To Cookie Monster’s disappointment, Siri shows him that only 51 seconds has passed since he’s put his cookies in the oven.

Watch the full commercial below:

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