Coroner releases identity of one victim of Goose Creek homicide

carlas anderson gum dubarBerkeley County Coroner Bill Salisbury has identified one of the victims of the double homicide in Goose Creek as 46 year old (birth name) Carlas Anderson with his name legally changed to Guma Dubar.

Mr. Dubar was the taxi cab driver involved in the incident on Pandora Drive on Sunday, March 6, 2016.

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The coroner says that Mr. Dubar died from gunshot wounds to the head and torso. His death is being ruled a homicide.

The identity of the second victim in the incident has not been positively identified at this time. The coroner says DNA testing is being done and may take an extended time to complete. According to the preliminary autopsy, the second victim died from a gunshot wound to the head. This death will also be ruled a homicide.

The coroner did say that both bodies were unrecognizable due to 100% thermal burns to their bodies.

MORE ON THIS STORY: Man accused of burning bodies in backyard was “family man,” neighbors say


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