Man accused of burning bodies in backyard was “family man,” neighbors say

Neighbors of the father accused of killing, burning then burying two people in his backyard over the weekend were trying to make sense of the grisly news Monday.

In court documents, 39-year-old James Loftis admitted to killing two men, then burning and burying their bodies in the backyard of his Goose Creek home.  “He was a nice guy and he helped us fix our windows and gutters,” said Rosie Fredejas, who lives across the street from Loftis, “I feel so bad for the family.”

Loftis’ wife called police late Saturday night informing authorities that her husband had killed two people and was threatening to kill himself.

A reserve Berkeley County deputy noticed the smell of marijuana coming from an empty taxi van parked on Old Back River Road. The deputies could not find the owner but they found out vehicle was involved in something far more disturbing.

oftis told police he caught a taxi from the strip club Saturday. Once he made it back home, he claims the taxi driver and another man shoved their way into his home because they want him to pay his cab fare. Loftis reportedly grabbed a .45 caliber handgun and shot the two men eight times.  Police say he then walked to a gas station bought gasoline then came back to his house and set fire to all the evidence in a pit in his backyard.  The taxi van involved was registered to a Global Mobile Taxi Services

On Monday, Goose Creek officials said it is not appropriate to release the identities of the victims yet.


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