The 1st ‘Ghostbusters’ trailer is here! Watch the cast team up for slime, fun

Thirty-odd years ago, ghosts ravaged New York City and it took a team of semi-organized scientists to clean up the place in “Ghostbusters.”

But now the call has been answered again, this time by a new team: Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones, and they look super-ready to kick some ectoplasmic butt in the first trailer for the upcoming reboot of the classic film!

The trailer introduces us to the ladies, who are confronted with yet more slime-spewing, blue-glowing spirits — some of whom can even possess human bodies. (Just watch what McCarthy can do with her neck when she’s got a spirit roaming around inside.) Plus, there’s an all-too-brief glimpse of Chris Hemsworth.

Speaking of guys, we can’t wait to see “Ghostbusters” super fan Al Roker, who actually makes a cameo in the film (though not in the trailer) pop up!

They’re a motley team, but the ladies also seem supremely confident and funny at the same time — and there’s even a new ‘Bustermobile in the form of a hearse. What can go wrong?

Hopefully, everything. But remember: ‘Bustin’ makes you feel good!

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