Teen creates app aimed at preventing cyberbullying

ReThink encourages users to think twice

There’s a new weapon in the fight against cyber bullying.

It’s an app, called ReThink, created by a teenager in Illinois.

Once you download it, your keyboard will recognize hurtful words as you type.

Before the damage is done by hitting send, ReThink encourages users to think twice.

For instance, if you type “I hate you” — or “you’re ugly,” an alert will pop up on the screen.

It asks you if you’re sure you want to send.

Spartanburg District 5 counselor, Amy Kitts, says so many kids who have said something hurtful really do have remorse.

“If they would have had just a few extra, even seconds, to think about what they were going to send — it may make a difference to someone,” said Kitts.

Those extra seconds seem to do just that.  The app’s research shows 93% of teens change their mind about hitting send.

“It’s just amazing what our young people can come up with nowadays,” said Jerry Owens who has two grandchildren.

Families and school leaders hope it’s a big step in the right direction.

“I think we all have had a situation where we thought to ourselves, ‘I wish I hadn’t said that. I wish I could take it back,’” said Kitts.

ReThink is free for IOS and Android users.

The teenager behind it all says she’s also working to make it available for desktop computers.

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