‘How to move to Canada’ most googled topic after Super Tuesday results

Google searches spike after Trump & Clinton Super Tuesday wins

As soon as the results started showing a Trump victory on Super Tuesday, social media users started posting their plans to move to Canada if the GOP front-runner becomes President.

There were some tweets that even said if Trump and Clinton are the last ones left, they’re making the move north.

Many took their frustrations to google and started asking the search engine, “How do I move to Canada?”

A Google search engine data editor said that searches for ‘how can I move to Canada’ on Google spiked over 350% just four hours after the Super Tuesday results were revealed.

Google Trends reports showed the spike in searches during that time.

Users searched for the topic multiple ways but it made Canada one of the number one topics online in the hours after Super Tuesday. A majority of the searches seemed to be coming from Massachusetts, where Trump won in a landslide with 49% of the vote.

canadaswebsiteThe search for How to move to Canada even overloaded Canada’s immigration website. As soon as you visit the site, a message pops up at the top that reads:

You may experience delays while using the website. We are working to resolve this issue. Thank you for your patience.

It’s not 100% clear if this was due to so many people visiting the site or another technical issue. But reports show that message was not posted on their site in February.

The good news, if you really want to leave, you have 9 months to make the decision. The bad news, Trump already has property in Canada, so you may not want to stay at the Trump International Hotel and Tower in Toronto.



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