GCHS students ask NFL players to get involved in Sharonda Singleton fundraiser

Goose Creek High School is hosting a “Gator Crawl” to raise money in memory of Sharonda Singleton. Singleton was one of the victims of the Emanuel AME Church shooting in June. She was also a speech pathologist and track coach at Goose Creek High. GCHS track athletes say Singleton was like a second mom.

One student, Janae Redden, says, “She was very nice, and encouraging, and you would always see her at the end of the finish line yelling at you, and seeing her smile would make you want to dig and run more, and I just miss her.”

Singleton had a dream to host a track meet at Goose Creek High School.

One student, Destiny McKnight, says, “That was her main promise. She wanted us to have people come out and support us.”

But it wasn’t in the budget.

GCHS English teacher, Holly Osterlund, says, “We don’t have the track equipment to host a meet so we would like to be able to do something like that to honor her memory.”

Goose Creek High is hosting “Gator Crawl”, an obstacle course relay race, to raise money for track equipment and scholarships.

Osterlund says, “We want the entire community to be involved. So there will be several different events, everything from 50 push-ups, to carrying a golf ball on a spoon.”

The school made a video to bring attention to the event and invited Damaryius Thomas and Damarcus Ware, two players from the Super Bowl Champions, the Denver Broncos.

GCHS English teacher, Mackenzie Cruce, says, “We chose them because they just won the Super Bowl, and we were trying to come up with a fun way to spread the word about the Gator Crawl, and we also thought it would be a great opportunity to get other professional athletes involved as well.”

The students and teachers were pretty excited when News 2 got a tweet back from one of those NFL players right in the middle of our interview.


Damarcus Ware tweeted, “saw the video lol. I’ll be in touch”.

Students say Singleton would be thrilled to hear about the event.

McKnight says, “We feel that she would be running around these halls in her high heels screaming, ‘Oh my gosh Destiny, we have a track meet here’.”

The event will be held on April 23rd at Goose Creek High School. It costs $100 for teams to sign up, and GCHS is also taking donations and sponsorship. All of the proceeds will go toward scholarships in Sharonda Singleton’s name or track equipment.


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