Ridgeville neighbors not fond of road’s temporary fix

The rough year for South Carolina roads continues in Ridgeville where neighbors claim a temporary solution may be making things worse.

Residents of Fish Road reached out to News 2 last month about the ailing condition of their back road they say got worse from trucks driving to and from the under construction Volvo plant. Officials this week covered a long stretch of the road with a rocky aggregate to cover the potholes. “You can’t walk out without breathing in dust from these trucks who got to do their job,” said George Huckabee.

Huckabee and his neighbors along Fish Road are grateful for the business Volvo is bringing to Ridgeville. However, they just want the road to be in a better condition. “I already had to put new tires on from the potholes, but now I’m wondering if I’m gonna need to get a new windshield from the rocks kicking up,” said Henry Knier, “I just wish it was something better.”

In an earlier statement on Fish Rd, Berkeley County Supervisor Bill Peagler wrote:
“For months, my Administration and I have been working hard to get help to fix and improve Fish Road – a state-owned and state-maintained road.
In the past week, we have received the financial support from the State Department of Commerce to effect temporary repairs to the trouble spots on Fish Road. We have also secured funding from the State Department of Commerce for a long-term, solution – a complete repaving and rebuilding of Fish Road, which will start as soon as the permanent main entryway into the Camp Hall Site from Highway 27 is complete.
As far as the temporary repairs are concerned, we have been told that, unless there are weather delays, the initial repairs to Fish Road will be complete before the end of next week. Our County Engineering Department will work with SCDOT to monitor not only the repairs but also the entire roadway.”

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