Charleston law students organize Super Tuesday watch party

CHARLESTON, SC – Tuesday night, a local group of law students gathered at a bar on King Street to talk politics and Super Tuesday voters.

As the results poured in Tuesday evening, students from the Charleston School of Law, Republican Law Club, met to see who won and where.

The group represents the Republican Party on campus and organizers say they strive to provide a forum for the discussion of current events and to actively assist both the local and national branches of the party.

President of the Republican Law club, Julie Beeks, said, “We just wanted to get out here and do something. There are not many opportunities to do something fun when it comes to politics in a group.”

Vick Singh is a student and the Charleston School of Law and said he doesn’t identify as a Republican but still attended the watch party. Singh told News 2, “Well, you got to be open-minded about stuff and both sides, and that’s what I believe…If you think one side has every answer, that’s the wrong answer.”

Another student, Gregory Neilsen, explained, “This is been a pretty tight race in terms of the Democrats. However, Trump on the other hand, has been kind of just bulldogging everyone.”

Republican students hosted the event but they also invited their Democratic classmates to exchange ideas and to talk about what this Super Tuesday means for both parties going forward.

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