Charleston County GOP/Democratic Chairs predict Super Tuesday winners

Charleston County, S.C– Super Tuesday is known as the biggest primary day of the political season. Twelve states and one American territory are up for grabs. Republicans have 595 delegates at stake, while Democrats have 865. The biggest state to watch out for is Texas. The Lonestar state has the most delegates with 155. This is also the home state of Senator Ted Cruz. Charleston County GOP chair and the Charleston County Democratic chair spoke out about what they think will happen today.

Charleston County Republican Chair, Larry Kobrovsky says,”Super Tuesday will probably make or break the candidates there are states throughout the south and then you have states like Massachusetts, Minnesota and Vermont. The state to look at is Texas because that’s where Cruz is from, but if Trump wins all of them then it’s kind of hard to make a scenario for others.”

Brady Quirk-Garvan, the Democratic Chair for Charleston County says,” I think we’re going to see a split where more Northeastern states like Massachusetts and Vermont are going to do very well for Bernie Sanders. I think what we’re also going to see is a continuation of Hillary Clinton doing really well in the southern and western states.”

Donald Trump is no stranger to controversy, but this past weekend things really started to heat up around his camp after former leader of the KKK, David Duke decided to endorse him. Although, Trump disavowed him, it still has a lot of political analyst wondering if this will effect his poll numbers.

Garvan questions Trumps momentum in the race saying, “On the republican side i think they are trying to determine if anyone can stop the Trump train. You know he has swept through these states and you know his racist rhetoric seems to be resonating with Republican voter. The question is if he continues that will he be on the way to be the nominee for the Republicans.”

Meanwhile Kobrovsky says, it’s important that Trump stays away from any endorsements like David Duke if he wants to continue to do well in the race. “There’s racists and wacko’s all over the place on both sides and he needs to be very strongly rejecting those endorsements, but I think it’s hard to see anything making a difference, because nothing has at this point.”

On the Democratic side, Hillary Clinton is said to win many of the southern states, because of how well she did in South Carolina. Bernie Sanders is predicted to pick up states like Massachusetts, Minnesota, Oklahoma and his home state of Vermont.

A new poll out this morning from NBC has both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump as today’s front runners.



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