Mayor Tecklenburg asks CCSD board to rebuild Stono Elementary

CHARLESTON, SC – A controversial vote was supposed to take place at tonight’s Charleston County school board meeting, but has been tabled a month.

It all goes back to six years ago when voters approved a one cent sales tax to fund the CCSD building program.

But now, some say the CCSD board is trying to change the decision made by voters to have Stono Elementary renovated, instead of rebuilt.

Alexa St. Franc is a third grader at Stono Elementary and said, “There’s mold in the bathroom and sometimes when you run the water it’s very stinky.”

And she and her classmates say they want a new school.

A third grade teacher at Stono, Alexandra Rotis, read lett

ers from students to the CCSD board; pleading to build a new school, instead of renovating the existing one. Rotis said, “You know, my kids really want something better and I hope that they can get that.”

Charleston Mayor John Tecklenburg says he’s committed to a West Ashley renaissance.

Last month he proposed new projects for the Dupont Wapoo area, and tonight he said Stono Elementary also needs a change.

Tecklenburg told the school board, “So I ask you tonight, please abandon the thought of just renovating that school and rebuild us a new school, West Ashley at Stono Park Elementary.”

According to the CCSD Deputy for Capital Projects Jeff Borowy, it will cost $9M to renovate Stono Park, while a rebuild would run $26.6M. “That $17M difference would mean other projects on the list would not get done,” said Borowy.

The school board was supposed to vote tonight, but instead, they announced an upcoming workshop to be held on March 14th where they’ll hear from CCSD Capital Projects officials.

Today, board member Michael Miller says the board requested information about the 2010 referendum project cost, the timeline to complete each project, and how much it would cost to finish every project on the list.

Miller told News 2, “Seemingly, the district wanted to move in a different direction, a renovation versus a rebuild. I personally think that’s not the direction we should go.”

The board will get feedback and learn more at the March 14th workshop and then on March 21st, they’ll vote on the Stono Park project.

Also new tonight, the board decided to name the new Mount Pleasant high school after longtime Wando Principal Ms. Lucy Beckham.

The new school will be called “Lucy Garrett Beckham High.”

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