South Carolina exit polls: Religious voters play large role

Washington (CNN)Religious voters are turning out in high numbers in South Carolina, according to early exit poll results there, and about half of all Republican voters said they made up their mind in the last week.

Evangelical or born-again Christian voters made up 73% of the electorate there, according to early polls. In Iowa, more than the 64% of Iowa Republicans identified as such.

Many Republicans also made up their minds who they would vote for in the past week — with 45% saying they decided late in the race.

Republican voters in South Carolina — about 3-in-4 — also broadly support a temporary ban on Muslims entering the U.S, according to the exit poll results. About 53% said they feel “betrayed by the Republican Party,” according to the results.

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However, 53% of South Carolina Republicans say immigrants working in the U.S. illegally should be allowed to apply for legal status, compared to 43% who say they should be deported to their home countries.

South Carolina Republicans also split over whether the next president should have experience in politics or be from outside the political establishment.

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