Senator Marco Rubio campaigning in North Charleston

image.jpegSenator Marco Rubio held a campaign rally Friday afternoon at Stall High School
in North Charleston.

South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley was the first to take the stage and explain why she supports Rubio. Then, Senator Tim Scott walked out to show support for Rubio and say he was glad to be back at his old high school.

Senator Rubio then took the stage, and talked about a number of things. “When I am President, you will have a President who defends the Constitution.”

On free enterprise, “Free enterprise works… It is the only way to make poor people richer… When I am President of US, you will have a President who embraces free enterprise.”

Rubio then addresses veterans. “When I am President, our veterans will be able to take their benefits to any hospital.”

He told the crowd that he is proud of the field of GOP candidates. “None of our candidates are socialists. None of our candidates are under an FBI investigation.”

Rubio asked for the votes of everyone there. “If we don’t get this right this time, I think my children will be the first generation not to have it better than their parents.”

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