Summerville baseball team & community rally to keep Tripp Rabon’s legacy alive

SUMMERVILLE, S.C. – The Summerville baseball team has a noticeable hole in the dugout. It can’t be filled with concrete, brick, or any kind of material used to patch holes. This gap will be empty for decades to come.

The hole appeared months before practice began, two days before Christmas.

It was a dreary, December morning. The Green Wave’s 1st baseman, Tripp Rabon, a 17-year-old teammates described as a guy “everybody loved,” went duck hunting with three other friends. Their vehicle was involved in an accident, and Tripp was the only passenger killed.

It’s prompted the Summerville players to dedicate every pitch, every swing, and every step- to Tripp.

“We’re playing for something bigger than our program,” said Summerville senior catcher Jack Behan. “To kind of heal Summerville and heal his family, and basically heal us too.”

Summerville head coach Banks Faulkner described Rabon as “the best teammate. He wasn’t a kid that started or played a lot but you would have never known it. He just had a smile that was just infectious.”

Following the tragedy, Summerville stepped up in support. People packed the inside of John McKissick Memorial Stadium to honor Tripp on the same field where he suited up Friday nights in the fall.

Coach Faulkner and the school has had T-Shirts made, reading “All in for Tripp”, with proceeds going to a scholarship fund set up by Tripp’s parents.

$4,000 has already been raised for the fund, with the goal being $10,000 and eventually, $40,000.

“It will draw interest and that thing will continue forever, but I’ll make sure as long as I’m here, that that kid is remembered and these kids who play in our program know exactly who he is and what he stood for.”

If you would like to buy a shirt or donate to the scholarship fund, go to or email


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