Marco Rubio likes EDM but says he’s no raver, the internet responds

At a CNN Town Hall in Greenville, SC on Wednesday night, Anderson Cooper sat down with Ben Carson, Ted Cruz, and Marco Rubio to talk about their campaigns.

The conversations with the candidates got a little personal when CNN’s Anderson Cooper asked some questions that offered a different look at them and their policy positions.

Cooper brought up Rubio’s taste in music and the response online is making the moment go viral.

He said that Rubio liked E.D.M., also known as electronic dance music.

Things got a little uncomfortable when Cooper asked Rubio if he had ever been to a rave and he said “no, I’ve never been to a rave… No… it’s a Republican primary, Anderson.”

He also added that he’s “a little too old” to go to a rave.

He added that he likes the beat-heavy EDM music because most of it has clean lyrics and he can listen to it with his kids.

Check out some of the online reactions to Rubio’s taste in music…



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