We talked to voters in Cross about who they plan to vote for

CROSS, SC (WCBD) — We are just a few days away from the primaries here in South Carolina. So what are the voters thinking??

We went looking for undecided voters at Hill’s Marina and Restaurant in Cross. Out of probably 35-40 people we talked to, only about 3-4 told me they are undecided. J.C. Lynch said he is undecided, but narrowing it down. “Between two, but they are kind of opposite of each other. Between Trump and Bush.”

Lynch says he’s not sure which way he’ll vote at this point. “Trump’s not a politician, that’s one thing. Maybe he will try to get us back on track. He’s not in anybody’s pocket. And Bush, I supported his brother and his daddy. He’s got the same values as them.”

Those planning to vote for a Democrat told us they plan to vote for Secretary Clinton. That is right in line with the current Realclearpolitics.com poll average that gives Clinton 59.5 points to 35.3 for Sanders.

As far as Republicans who have made their mind up, almost all who would tell me who they planned to vote for said the same thing. Chuck is the owner of Hill’s Landing. “I think there’s two or three people who have run a pretty good campaign, but I decided long time ago I’m not on the fence and not even listening to the debates at this point… I’m 100% behind Donald Trump.”

Bill Altice feels the same. “Me personally, I’d rather go with Donald Trump then any of them right now. There’s just too much lying and cheating. I’m just more devoted to Trump than anybody right now.”

That is also in line with current polling on the GOP side. According to the Realclearpolitics.com poll average, Trump is basically double his next closest competitor, Senator Ted Cruz. Trump (36.3,) Cruz (17.8,) Rubio (15.8,) Kasich (9.8,) Bush (9.3) and Carson (5.3.)

We’ll find out who wins South Carolina over the next two weeks. The Republican primary is this Saturday, the Democratic primary takes place next Saturday.

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