Police search Mt. Pleasant neighborhoods for burglary suspect

From left to right: Ryan Vedad, Jessica Davis, and Joshua Duncan. We are still working to get Kathlynn Vessell's booking photo.

A manhunt in Mt. Pleasant Tuesday for a burglary suspect. The burglary happened in Snee Farm neighborhood off of Whipple Road around 10:30AM. Three suspects were caught quickly, leaving police searching for a fourth.

Inspector Chip Googe with the Mt. Pleasant Police Department says, “It was the front door from what I understand, so he kicked it in in the door and that was enough to alert her to give us a call and call 911.”

The woman barricaded herself in a room and the burglars stole electronics and jewelry. People in Snee Farm say they are surprised.

Matthew Hoofnagle often visits the neighborhood and says,”That seems like an odd time to rob a house.”

Police quickly found Ryan Vedad, Jessica Davis, and Kathlynn Vessell in connection to the burglary. But one suspect was still missing.

Hoofnagle says, “Earlier when we were home I did lock the doors. I have been aware and I’m kind of looking for some interesting activity, anything out of the normal.”

But he says it didn’t seem like anyone was worried to the point it interrupted their day.

Hoofnagle says, “Seems like people are still doing their normal routine, I’ve seen runners, walkers.”

Mt. Pleasant police used multiple officers, K9s, and a Charleston County search helicopter until they tracked down Joshua Duncan about three and a half hours later in Glen Lake neighborhood.

Googe says,”One of our officers spotted him coming up. I guess he assumed we were gone, and started coming back out. Since were still in the area, it was good timing for us.”

All four are charged with 2nd degree burglary and police expect more charges to be filed as the investigation continues.

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