New routes coming to CARTA

CHARLESTON, S.C.—The first of four public meetings about changes to CARTA is Tuesday night at Mount Pleasant town hall.

The Chairman of the Board at CARTA said anytime there are changes, people are skeptical. That is why they are holding these meetings. Tuesday is the first and there will be 3 more—one in downtown Charleston on Wednesday, then in North Charleston and West Ashley next week.

The overall goal is to make CARTA more efficient and reliable with shorter trip times and buses showing up on time. There will be new routes. New stops will be added and some will be taken out, but CARTA says they will not take anyone out of their service area.

On the way, are 3 main things:

1. “Transit spines” directly connecting North Charleston to MUSC; West Ashley to Mt. Pleasant; St. Andrews to Downtown
2. Sunday service added to Route 13 W. Montague/Remount Road and two-way service on other routes
3. More overall reliability.

Projections show these changes saving CARTA $1.4 million. They want that money to get new fleets, add shelters at stops and invest in new payment technology.

The chairman said these changes are just the beginning. They will be the foundation for future improvements to deal with our growing population and transportation needs.

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