Guantanamo criminals coming to Charleston? Trump says, “No”

HANAHAN, S.C.—Donald trump was in the Lowcountry Monday. He spoke to voters in Mount Pleasant in the early afternoon then held a news conference in Hanahan afterwards.

Trump got cheers from the crowd in Mount Pleasant when he talked about getting rid of regulations on small businesses, but the reason he held a press conference in Hanahan is because of his stance on closing Guantanamo Bay.

“I’ve had people from South Carolina calling me asking me to do this press conference,” Trump says. He addressed discussions about moving criminals to Charleston from the prison at Guantanamo bay. “They shouldn’t be closing Gitmo or Guantanamo Bay in any way shape or form and they shouldn’t be moving people, hardened criminals, into this area. I will stop it.”

Trump also called out Governor Nikki Haley on the matter of refugees. “If I were Governor I would not let them in I don’t care what the rules and regulations are. In theory, the governor doesn’t have anything to do with it. I would have something to do with it, believe me.”

Trump pointed out the importance of the South Carolina primary election coming up this Saturday. “This could be the start in maybe running the tables. I think if we win in South Carolina, we could conceivably run the table,” projects Trump. “We’re going to do very well.”

He has one concern heading into this weekend. “Lies,” Trump stated. “My biggest worry for South Carolina is that my opponents lie, especially Cruz. I mean Cruz, as I said; he’s the single worst liar I’ve ever seen.”

Trump wants an apology and if he does not get one, he says he will sue Cruz for what he believes are lies. If it is possible, he says he’ll do it before the primary on Saturday

Ted Cruz was the highlight of both of Trump’s gatherings today. He referenced rumors that Cruz’s campaign told people before the Iowa caucus to vote for Cruz because Ben Carson dropped out of the race. “Look, what he did with Ben Carson was terrible,” says Trump. “I’ve never seen anything like that.” He continued to say he does not want to get an apology call from Cruz after the elections are over because by that point it will be too late.

The South Carolina Elections Commission says they will make it clear which candidates are no longer in the race. Here’s a look at a sample ballot for Saturday:

sample ballot

We spoke to a Trump supporter in Mount Pleasant today, Meggie Rodenberg says she’s starting a new trend. She calls it the #Trumpie.

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