“Street racing” victim’s family wants someone held accountable

Perfecto Desonia needed more of nails while working on a shed in his backyard so he drove to the hardware store. It was supposed to be his last errand before a Valentine’s Day date with his wife of 51 years.

The family of a man killed in a car accident witnesses say was from street racing is looking to law enforcement for answers.

86-year-old Perfecto Desonia was exiting the driveway of a hardware store on Red Bank Road in Goose Creek when a sedan struck his van Saturday morning. Several bystanders claim the vehicle that struck Desonia’s van was racing another car before the impact. “If the cops don’t go and find this other car that was part of that then there’s no justice for this family,” said Sharon Desonia, the victim’s daughter-in-law.

The driver that crashed into Desonia’s van Saturday was not arrested. However, the Desonia family wants those responsible to be held accountable. “I feel like they need to do more prosecuting to the guy that hit my father-in-law and look for the other guy,” said Desonia, “He’s out there.”

Authorities have not confirmed the allegations of street racing by several witnesses and say this particular investigation could take several weeks.

Perfecto Desonia and his grandaughter

Perfecto Desonia and granddaughter (Courtesy: Desonia family)

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