Trump makes campaign stop in the Upstate

Fresh off his victory in New Hampshire, Donald Trump addressed a crowd of more than 4000 people Wednesday night in Pendleton. With just 9 days until the South Carolina primary, he’s hoping to get his message across that he wants to “Make America Great Again” and he wants your vote on February 20th.

While the adoring crowd chanted his name, you could say Trump took a victory lap around the Garrison Arena stage. The poll topping billionaire made a beeline to the Upstate, getting a little tongue and cheek about his hunger for money.

“I want to be greedy, but I want to be greedy for the United States. I want to bring money in to the United States,” said Trump.

Even when you’re the one on top, it’s clear the Trump camp is paying close attention to the competition; namely, Jeb Bush who’s climbed in recent polls in South Carolina and whose family has been widely popular in past primaries. Trump took some shots as the crowd booed at Bush.

“I said that he’s a stiff and I said that if he was in the private sector, he wouldn’t be able to get a job. Other than that, I think he’s excellent,” Trump snarled.

There were also the jabs at Hillary Clinton, with a few new punches to Bernie Sanders, the newly minted New Hampshire winner for the Democrats.

“He wants to give the country away. Your taxes are going to be like 95 percent folks,” said Trump of the self proclaimed Democratic Socialist.

Since announcing he was running for president, Trump has topped the leader board here in the Palmetto State. He said he is confident he can pull out a victory here in South Carolina.

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