Parents anxious during Buist Academy lottery drawing

CHARLESTON, S.C.—Hundreds of parents were hoping to hit the lottery. Charleston County Schools held its lottery for Buist Academy Wednesday. The drawing was in public, after the News 2 I-Team found problems with the online process. Parents were anxious sitting in the room today.

There were lots of parents wanting their kids at Buist because of their record of academic excellence. There were 368 applications with Buist Academy as a 1st choice and only fifty open spots for kindergarten.

Four categories were considered—13 children’s names drawn from a list of kids already in the district, 12 from the list who have siblings at Buist, 12 from Title I schools and 13 from the county wide list.

Parents found out Tuesday that the lottery would happen Wednesday. CCSD was going to hold the drawing in private, but after we spoke with several confused parents and questioned school officials about the process, they decided to do the drawing in public as they’ve done in the past. We spoke to one parent today who’s thankful she made it and another who was disappointed that she could not make it on such short notice. Parents shared in their feelings of anxiety leading up to the drawing.

Parents had mixed emotions as people left. Some got good news and were excited, but others were disappointed that their child’s name was not picked. Buist Academy is only one of the schools that’s a part of the lottery process. The drawings for the others schools are not public.

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