Local child needs service dog for epilepsy and autism

It’s been a tough year for four-year-old Carson Ellis. In the past year he has been diagnosed with epilepsy and autism.

His mom, Diana Ellis, says, “I wish this wasn’t happening to him. I wish it never did happen, but that’s the cards we were dealt.”

Carson has focal seizures and they aren’t always obvious, especially since most of them happen while he’s asleep.

His dad, Todd Ellis, says, “He kind of stares off into space and after that kind of goes lethargic. Unless he comes to us and tells us his head feels weird, we don’t typically know it.”

But it’s important that his parents monitor those episodes, because they can quickly turn severe.

Todd Ellis says, “There is emergency medication that if he doesn’t come out of the seizure within the next number of minutes, then we would have to administer the emergency medicine.”

They say the best answer to keeping Carson safe is a service dog who can notify them when seizures happen. This dog could also be trained to help Carson cope with autism. And his parents say these dogs aren’t cheap. One that meets Carson’s needs could cost between $15,000-20,000.

Todd Ellis says, “I wish we had it laying around and I wish we could just say, alright let’s go get the dog today, but one income and then dealing with the epilepsy and autism, it makes it a little bit more rougher than normal.”

Through fundraising, the Ellis family has raised about $2,000, but they say they still have a long way to go before having enough money for the service dog.

If you want to donate to the fund for Carson’s service dog, you can do so online or by going to any Wells Fargo and telling them you would like to contribute money to the Carson Ellis fundraiser.

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