Limestone College Professor Talk SC Debate Importance

Voters in the Upstate said they’re looking to learn more about the candidates as they make their way to Greenville this week.

Republican candidates are set to face off in a debate at the Peace Center in Greenville on Saturday at 9 pm.

We reached out to Limestone College History Professor Dr. Jonathan Sarnoff

He predicts illegal immigration will be a hot topic among candidates like Senator Ted Cruz, Donald Trump and Senator Marco Rubio.

Sarnoff said he thinks candidates will likely try to distance themselves from President Obama’s stance on the big issues.

Sarnoff said here in SC, candidates will do well if they can connect to evangelical and tea party conservatives.

“It will be interesting to see if they bring up the Charleston shooting. I think that will be an issue will they address. Also will the confederate flag issue come up at all? Some feel like it shouldn’t have come down. I’m curious if that will come up,” Sarnoff said.

Sarnoff  tells 7 News that an interesting item that could come out of the SC debate could be the rise of a fourth place candidate.

“The top three will be Trump, Cruz, Rubio but whose going to come out of the top four and can that fourth candidate consolidate support after others drop out in New Hampshire,” Sarnoff said.

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