Charleston-area voters express desired qualities in future president

NORTH CHARLESTON, SC — You may come across a candidate or two this month as the GOP and Democratic candidates are making stops in South Carolina ahead of the First in the South Primary elections.

“this one is really the most exciting really so far because of anything, social media, how quickly the word can get out there, how quickly the candidates can rise and fall,” said Charles James, who had been reporting on South Carolina politics since the 90’s.

The Palmetto State had a good track record of picking the eventual presidential nominee for each party, especially the GOP. James contributes that to the state’s diversity.

And if South Carolina is a melting pot of people, don’t put the Lowcountry on the back burner.

Stacey Weaver is from Goose Creek. She’s kept up with this year’s debates and campaigning. She listens for what she wants in our next president.

“I want to see a strong candidate to stand up for us, for ‘we the people.’ Take care of USA. Whatever happened to that?” Weaver said.

“I see a lot of slandering more than anything,” said Maurice Ray, a Navy Veteran from North Charleston.

This will do his first time voting in a South Carolina primary, and a decision isn’t easy, he says.

“I personally think America needs to keep focus on what candidates think about everything going on in the world, not just what candidates think of each other, said Ray.

Sally Turner owns a North Charleston salon but will be in her Hometown, Walterboro, when her favorite candidates visit.

“Walterboro is a small town, but our politics are very strong. I remember as a little girl, they would come door to door and shaking our hand and I wasn’t quite as impressed as a teenager thatI maybe should have been,” said Turner.

She will have a second chance, it appears, as candidates plan stops all over the state.

The GOP primary election is February 20, and the Democratic primary election is February 27, for South Carolina.

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