Three-year-old allegedly kicked; two teachers on administrative leave

GOOSE CREEK, SC (WCBD) — Two people are on administrative leave right now at Goose Creek Primary school while investigations into what happened at that school last Thursday take place.

Robert is three and a half years old. He is in his first year of school at Goose Creek Primary. “I found out he was autistic. And he has ADD and he’s got some learning disabilities.” Sherry Knight is Robert’s grandmother. She says in his three short years, he’s had some setbacks. “He lost his father and I have custody of him. His dad was killed in 2013 when he was 13 months.”

Knight says Robert is in a special class for children who need extra assistance.

“I got a phone call last Friday.” The principal asked her to come to the school right away. When she drove up, she saw 2 Goose Creek Police cars parked in front of the school. “She said you must be somewhat alarmed. I said, ‘yes ma’am I am alarmed.'”

They told her that on Thursday, Robert’s teacher was out of the classroom while a teacher’s assistant was watching the kids. Her grandson was in time out with another child. “And she said another teacher walked by the class… and looked in the class and saw that assistant teacher kick Robert in (his) chest area, while he was in time out.”

Sherry  said the investigator said that because Robert does not communicate verbally, this is a difficult case. “I am his voice. And I didn’t see it. It’s the teacher’s against the other teacher’s word, is basically what it’s going to be.”

The Berkeley County School District would not talk to me on camera. They did send me a statement that says in part that the district,

…received reports of an incident involving a staff member and student at Goose Creek Primary School. Goose Creek Police Department was contacted by district officials and is investigating the incident… Two employees have been placed on administrative leave, pending the results of internal and external investigations.

Sherry says she was told the two employees are her son’s teacher and the teacher’s assistant. “I told the principal today that I’ve lost my trust in them. And I want cameras in there. For these children that don’t have a voice and can’t talk, how is anybody going to know what happens? If it’s happening to Robert and this is his first year of school, what’s happening in the other classes and the other schools?”

School district officials say they are not going to release any more statements on this incident because it’s a personnel matter.

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