Rev. Graham Campaigning for God, not Endorsing Presidential Candidates

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WCBD) – The 2016 Presidential election has many campaigning for candidates, but Rev. Franklin Graham says he’s campaigning for God.

“I don’t see any hope in this country outside of almighty God,” Rev. Graham said. “Our society is unraveling, and it’s coming apart.”

That’s why he’s traveling the country, asking Christians to take a stand in politics.

Graham is calling churches to come together at state capitols around the country, to pray for national leaders and encourage Christians to vote.

“We’ve taken God out of government and schools and everything else, and we need to get God back into it,” Graham said.

He believes these nation-wide prayer rallies will show the country that when people come together hands of prayer, it will bring Christian values back into the ballot box.

Christian voters like Brian Butler, think Rev. Graham’s effort to bring their religious values into politics is possible with the power of prayer.

“It’s really important to him and it’s important to us to be able to hear, get our voice heard and what our values stand for and our morals,” Butler said.

Rev. Graham wants Christians to know, “That their vote does count.”

Graham claims to be an independent, but says all political parties are failing because they aren’t rooted in biblical values.

He told reporters on Tuesday refugees and immigrants should not be let into the country because of safety risks. He doesn’t think the country’s vetting system is strong enough.

The Decision America Tour will visit a total of 14 state capitols, with hopes of eventually holding prayer in all 50 states.

Tomorrow, Graham makes his sixth stop in Atlanta, GA. You can find the full schedule here.

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