Mount Pleasant Mayor gives State of the Town address

MOUNT PLEASANT, SC – After a troubling week for Mount Pleasant Town Council, tonight Mayor Linda Page explained how she plans to get everyone back on track in her State of the Town address.

Page told News 2, “The unity and vision that I’m talking about is our strategic plan our capital improvement plan, that is the vision. We have to get on board together. We have to decide where we are going to spend the town’s tax dollars and what projects we’re going to get finished.”

Council chambers were packed and some people were there to voice their frustrations with a seemingly divided town council.

“It’s divided because people are passionate about things,” said Page.

The mayor wanted to clear things up and talk about the positive direction the town is headed in.

She played a video for everyone in attendance with scenes featuring achievements, capital improvement projects, civic engagements and prestigious awards.

Councilman Gary Santos said, “We need to make sure we balance out the quality-of-life issues as well as the growth issues, and I think that’s what we’re doing.”

The mayor said the top three legislative priorities are infrastructure, local government revenue, and growth management. “Highway 41 is our number one legislative priority, and it will remain so. This council has committed $3.9 million and the county has committed $1.2 million so we’re well on our way,” explained Page.

Other highlights for the upcoming year include $100,000 for bike and pedestrian infrastructure projects and a task force on attainable housing to promote diversity and prevent gentrification.

For more on the town council meeting, click here.

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