Carolina Panthers fans welcome team home

The Carolina Panthers are back in Charlotte after a trip to Super Bowl 50.

Even though the outcome of Sunday night’s game wasn’t what outcome most were hoping to see, it didn’t stop some proud fans from showing up at Bank of America Stadium Monday evening to welcome the team back from San Francisco.

“I’m very proud of them because they tried their best, and they kept pounding,” said Panthers fan, Athena Kotrosios.

Everyone in the crowd echoed here sentiments.

“You can’t keep a good team down, and guess what, we’re behind them,” said Panthers fan, John Williams. “We’re still with them. We feel the loss, but hey, they did what they were supposed to do last night.”

Panthers fans started filing into the stadium around 4:30 Monday afternoon decked out in blue and black.

The team didn’t get back to the stadium until around 7:00 p.m. People stood out in the cold weather to cheer on their favorite players. When the team arrived, they shook some fans’ hands, but it was brief. However, the fans greeted them with a roaring “thank you.” They even blocked off part of a street to make a tunnel for the players as they left the stadium.

Even though many said the loss hurt, fans said now there’s only one thing they can do.

“Keep Pounding,” said Panthers fan, Maria Kotrosios. “We’re going to get ‘em next year.”

On Tuesday, Head Coach Ron Rivera will have a press conference around 11 for the Panthers Check Out Day.

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