SC Raising Wages Summit comes to Charleston

The fight for a $15 minimum wage across the country continued in Charleston Saturday. Hundreds turned out at the International Longshoremen Hall Association for the South Carolina Raising Wages Summit.

“Everybody is struggling, you can literally walk the streets and see people struggling – we have a tent city for crying out loud,” said Amy Reece, a child care worker on the front lines of wage war, “I’m out here teaching other peoples children and I can’t even afford to take care of my own.”

“There’s 60 million people in my situation,” said Rachel Person, a mother of three and fast food worker. Person says she would not be able to provide for her family if it was not for public housing and wants to earn more so she can own her own place – something she says is virtually impossible on $9 an hour.

State Representative Gilda Cobb-Hunter (D- Orangeburg) is working on a bill to raise the SC minimum wage to $10 and says it will take a lot of folks’ efforts to raise the wage. “There are certain people who will have to fall on hard times before some of us are able to make the connection,” said Cobb-Hunter.

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