San Diego boy battling cancer ‘proposes’ to his favorite nurse

(KTLA/CNN) — There’s a five-year-old boy in San Diego who’s fighting leukemia, but he’s not fighting it alone.

Family, friends and doctors are behind him, along with a favorite nurse he calls “Tall Sarah.”

The child has grown close to Sarah, so much so that he recently had a special surprise for her.

In a grand public declaration, five-year-old Gideon Robinson, a patient at Rady Children’s Hospital, “proposed” to his nurse.

“I bent my knee down, and then I pulled the ring out, put it on her finger, and then it was over,” Gideon said.

It’s been a tough few months for Gideon, who’s been going through chemotherapy treatments for acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

The hospital staff tries to make the place as fun as possible and “Tall Sarah,” in particular, found the key to his heart — lots of Legos.

And even though Gideon is the one with the tough battle, all he wants is to make others happy, which is why he put a ring on it.

“I want to make her laugh, because she’s thinks I’m such a funny boy.”

“As far as the getting on the knee and saying, ‘Will you marry me?,’ he probably caught that on TV or something,” said his mother Sosy Robinson. “I have no idea.”

Anything that brings a smile to Gideon’s face has Mom’s blessing. “The only thing you can do when you’re here is to try to make the most fun of it as you can,” she said.

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