MUSC adopts new “rules of decorum” after protests

The Medical University of South Carolina Board of Trustees passed new “rules of decorum” Sunday, but some are calling the regulations violation of free speech.

Healthcare Workers United, a labor rights group routinely appears at MUSC board meetings to silently protest with signs calling for higher wages and diversity. The new rules prohibit members of the public to hold signs during the meetings. “Normally at city hall meetings, town hall meetings, and even school board meetings – there’s a time allotted where there’s public commentary,” said community activist Thomas Dixon, “this is not what’s happening at MUSC.”

In a statement on the “rules of decorum” MUSC wrote:

“MUSC is committed to the open exchange of ideas and the healing efforts within our communities. In the midst of this however, we will not tolerate our employees, Board members or visitors being intimidated or threatened.”

The labor rights group denied any accusations of threats or intimidation.

MUSC Board of Trustees meets next February 11 & 12.

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