Bill aims to close loophole in bus camera law

A law that has been around for a year to better protect our students getting on and off the school bus, has a loophole that a new bill hopes to close.

Right now the current law allows law enforcement to prosecute drivers who pass a stopped school bus. The issue is that many school districts don’t have cameras and that the video often doesn’t show the drivers face, meaning law enforcement has to force a confession from the driver. Mauldin Police say they have never been able to prosecute a driver off of the video itself.

A new bill would change that. Senate Bill 946 would allow police to fine the registered owner of the car caught on the stop arm cameras. If the owner wasn’t driving the car, they must prove that to have that $500 fine be moved to the driver.

SAVE campaign along with Senator Robert Hayes of York are pushing the bill. It’s currently in a committee of transportation.

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