Charleston County Sheriff’s Office employee arrested for DUI

Summerville Police say a Charleston County Sheriff’s Office employee was arrested for driving under the influence on January 24 at approximately 4:00 a.m.

Edward Clemens, 26, was found sitting in his car at a traffic light on West Carolina Avenue and he appeared to be asleep at the wheel.

The officer who found Clemens sitting at the traffic light knocked on the passenger side window to get his attention and then knocked on the driver side window.

After multiple attempts to wake Clemens up, the knocking finally got his attention and he woke up and unlocked the driver’s door.

The officer opened the door and told Clemens he was a Summerville Police Officer.

Before acknowledging the officer, Clemens took his foot off of the brake pedal and the vehicle started to roll forward.

The officer tried to get Clemens to stop multiple times and he finally put the vehicle in park.

When asked what was going on, Clemens told the officer “I guess I fell asleep.”

The officer says that Clemens smelled like alcohol so he asked if he had anything to drink, which he stated, “No.”

According to the police report, Clemens’ speech was slurred and his eyes were bloodshot.

When the officer asked for his driver’s license and Clemens attempted to give him his debit card.

When Clemens was asked to step out of the vehicle he used part of his shoulder to help support himself getting out of the vehicle. The officer asked him again how much he had to drink, which he stated, “I think two beers.” The police report says he told the officer he consumed the beer “about an hour and a half ago.”

Clemens denied a field sobriety test and was placed under arrest for drinking under the influence.

Clemens received a bond hearing and was released on a PR bond.

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