East Coast blizzard leaves 18 people dead

Despite adverse weather conditions, people visit New York's Central Park as a large winter storm enveloped the East Coast on Saturday, Jan. 23, 2016. (AP Photo/Craig Ruttle)

NEW YORK (AP) – The nation’s capital is trying to shudder back to life today after being brought to a halt by the big East Coast blizzard that left at least 18 people dead.

The storm dropped snow from the Gulf Coast to New England. Among the thousands of stranded travelers was Defense Secretary Ash Carter, whose high-tech aircraft, the Doomsday Plane, couldn’t land at Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland after returning from Europe. Carter was rerouted to Tampa, Florida.

Millions of Americans are preparing to dig out today.

Travel bans in a few places are expected to be lifted today.

But much of mid-Atlantic region remains crippled by the storm.

Officials say the 26.8 inches of snow that fell in New York City’s Central Park is the second-most recorded since 1869.

Two airports in the Washington region will likely remain closed through today.

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