Georgetown police promoting “Lock-It or Lose-It” awareness campaign

(Georgetown, SC)— Sheriff Lane Cribb is reintroducing an awareness campaign called “Lock-It or Lose-It”. The Georgetown County Sheriff’s Office and Sheriff Cribb would like to make everyone aware of the rise in thefts from unlocked motor vehicles recently.

The question is, “Could thefts have been reduced if the doors were locked?” Trends in breaking into motor vehicles reveal offenders prefer unlocked cars because they are an easier target and if a car is locked a valuable was in eyesight. Listed below are a few simple suggestions that can be used to discourage a thief from breaking into your vehicle:

  • Lock your doors! If a thief is on a mission, he/she is far more likely to try his luck elsewhere if your doors are locked verses unlocked.
  • If possible, remove all valuables; thieves will search for other vehicles that are easier targets if they do not see anything of value in your car. If you choose not to remove valuables from your vehicle, conceal them from plain view by securing them in a glove box, center console, or, even better, in the trunk.
  • Be aware of where you park your vehicle. If it is during daylight hours, park it where it is constantly being seen by somebody. Don’t try to hide it because the place you may choose will be a perfect location for a break-in. During the night, if possible, park in an area with a lot of light; light is an enemy of thieves.
  • If you park your vehicle at home in a garage with a door, keep the garage door closed and locked.
  • Be aware of anyone roaming your neighborhood that looks suspicious. Call the Sheriff’s Office if you suspect someone is suspicious.

Sheriff Cribb said, “During this campaign I would like to encourage the citizens and visitors of Georgetown County to be more cautious when leaving their vehicles unattended by locking their doors and removing their valuables. By doing this, I feel that the amount of motor vehicle break-ins will reduce dramatically.”

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