Gov Haley Plans to Help Schools in “Horrible Condition”

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WCBD) – To help schools in “horrible condition”, Gov. Nikki Haley proposed on Wednesday, the state borrow $200 million a year to renovate under-served schools.

Gov. Haley pointed to pictures of schools with leaky roofs and damaged walls as she talked about education being a focus of her second term.

“If we put them in schools they’re proud of,” she said talking about students, “If we put them in schools that are safe, they’ll know that they’re worth more.”

She said some conditions are so bad, teachers have to wear rain boots to work.

“We’re seeing walls that are molded, building structures that are not safe,” Haley said at Frances Mack Intermediate School in Gaston Wednesday.

Gov. Haley was joined by SC Superintendent of Education Molly Spearman, announcing their partnership on education.

Haley also wants to improve technology not only in the classroom, but at home for students.

She said she wants students to have access to wifi at home, so they can continue their education outside of the classroom. The wireless internet access would come from internet “hot spots” they can take home.

Haley wants to improve wiring and Internet access in older buildings as well, and she proposes spending an addition $11 million to make that, and the take home internet access a reality.

For in depth details on the 2016 Education Reform Initiative click here.

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