Journal written by theater shooter thanks Dylann Roof

John Russell Houser

A journal thanking the Emanuel AME Church shooter, was left by the gunman responsible for a deadly rampage in a Louisiana move theater.

The 40-page journal, handwritten by John Russell Houser, was released by police on Wednesday, January 13. He described Dylann Roof as “green but good.”

In the journal, he wrote “Had Dylann Roof reached political maturity, he would have seen the word is not (n-word), but liberal, but thank you for the wake up call Dylann.”

He also talks about the state of the county calling it a “filth farm”.  he also rants about the media, politicians, women, gays and African-Americans.

Houser shot and killed two people and wounded nine others before fatally shooting himself inside the Grand 16 Theater in Lafayette in July 2015.

Police found the journal inside a motel room were he had been staying.

READ: John Russell Houser’s journal

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