Dimitri Cherny to challenge US Congressman Mark Sanford

CHARLESTON, SC (NEWS RELEASE) – Dimitri Cherny announced his candidacy for the US Congressional seat currently held by Mark Sanford, at Waterfront Park in downtown Charleston.

Cherny ran a write-in campaign as an independent against Mr.Sanford in 2014. He received approximately 9% of the vote in Charleston County, an unusually high write-in percentage.

Cherny is running this year on the Democratic ticket as a “Progressive Democrat” with the tagline, “Fixing capitalism and democracy to work for ALL of us!” He will challenge Mr. Sanford, or whoever wins the Republican primary for the first Congressional district seat in the US House of Representatives.

“I know other people are as concerned about the future we’re leaving to our grandkids as I am,” says Cherny. “My campaign will focus on the frustration so many of us have with our current game of capitalism and the corrupting influence of big money in government.”

Cherny had a successful twenty-five year career as an entrepreneur in the high tech industry. As a result of the great recession, he lost everything and found himself homeless. Retraining as a truck driver, he drove big-rigs through forty-seven states while studying economics. Since returning to the Lowcountry in 2012, he’s been involved with numerous social justice organizations in the Charleston area.

“My slide down the economic slope introduced me to the economic realities and fears most Americans face every day,” says Cherny. “My studies of economics taught me that none of us have to live in fear of losing everything we’ve worked for if we-the-people simply change the rules of the game. That’s why I’m running for Congress, to fix capitalism and democracy to work for ALL of us!”

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