Community-wide animal resource center launched

Charleston, SC. (NEWS RELEASE) — Answers to questions involving a variety of pet issues can now be found in one place at  Topics include common medical challenges, what to do when moving with a pet, how to introduce pets to your family, what do about kitty litter box problems and much, much more.  “We wanted to address a variety of issues that can come with pet ownership, so that people can know that they are not alone facing these everyday frustrations, and more importantly, we want them to know there are solutions!” said Charleston Animal Society Grants Administrator and Animal Resource Center organizer Jamie Healy.

While the Animal Resource Center is a self-help set-up, staff members and volunteers will be available to help with inquiries. The Animal Resource Center supports the” No Kill. No Harm.No More.” initiative to continue to save every healthy and treatable animal in the community.

The Animal Resource Center is made possible through generous support from Banfield Charitable Trust, the ASPCA, and Mary Seibert Charitable Trust.

The Animal Resource Center will serve the needs of pet owners throughout Charleston County and beyond.  The goal of this model program is to encourage more community members to get involved in helping their animals.  By inspiring action, compassion and involvement, and by sharing information and inviting new people to get involved, we are able to expand our reach and help that many more animals.  The Animal Resource Center does not replace veterinary services for animals, which are critical to an animal’s health and quality of life.

“The Animal Help Desk will support our mission by encouraging people to do right by their animals and help keep them in their homes; happy, healthy, and safe,” said Charleston Animal Society CEO Joe Elmore.  Charleston Animal Society’s mission has been the same for 141 years — preventing cruelty to animals.


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