Clemson’s “Beard Gang” hopes to bring home trophy, shaved faces

Clemson’s high-powered offense wouldn’t go anywhere without the big guys up front paving the way. And when you’re as good as they are, you get a nickname.

They’re called “The Beard Gang.”

In a sea of Clemson football players, it’s easy to find an offensive lineman. They haven’t shaved since August.

Eric Mac Lain and Ryan Norton are the clear leaders. Linebacker Ben Boulware has noticed the stragglers…or perhaps they are “scragglers.”

“I love Jay Guillermo, but his beard is awful,” says Boulware, “And Mitch Hyatt’s looks like a 13-year-old’s.”

“I was really worried about Mitch Hyatt,” says Mac Lain, “at the beginning of the season, his beard was terrible.”

“When you look at Mac Lain and you look at Norton and you look at yours, do you feel okay?” Hyatt questioned. “Their’s…it’s a whole other level. I’m just trying to get there. This is freshman level. I’ll get there eventually, but it’ll be awhile.”

When asked when they plan on shaving…

“Right after the National Championship,” says Lineman Ryan Norton, “I’m talking in the locker room we said we’re going to shave them. Burn ’em!”

If they weren’t college athletes, a razor company would probably be thinking about an endorsement deal right now!

The line hopes that when they leave Arizona, they take a National Championship trophy home with them.

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