Berkeley County Council voted against gun firing ban in Sangaree

Tonight Berkeley County Council voted on whether to ban the firing of guns in the Sangaree area.

Alicia Rush lives in Sangaree. She was at the council meeting to learn more. “I have a child at the intermediate school, and I do know that they were outside playing when there were gunshots. And of course they locked the schools down.”

Parents like Rush are concerned about gunshots being fired near their child’s school.

Councilman Tommy Newell said he is aware of at least 4 incidents in the past year of schools in Berkeley County being locked down because of nearby gunfire. Often times, a gun owner is shooting at targets.

Newell proposed banning firing a gun only in the Sangaree Special Tax District for things like target practice, but his proposal would allow it for special ceremonies or in the case of self-defense.

Councilman Caldwell Pinkney said he supports the ban, but wants to see it county-wide in rural areas. “We need something to protect not only our school kids but our children in the community.”

Councilman Josh Whitley said that he respected Newell and his proposal but could not vote to restrict guns. “I don’t think this council needs to be legislating to prevent every accident conceivable out there.”

Two residents from Sangaree got up and spoke to council. One said, “I am pro-gun. But I am not pro anybody endangering children.”

Council then cast their vote. You could see that Newell was not pleased with how the vote went. Only Pinkney voted to approve the measure, so the proposal was denied.image.jpeg

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