Alternative plan presented to solve Summerville congestion

SUMMERVILLE, SC – A representative from Michael Baker International presented the Bear island Rd/Sheep Island Rd alternative analysis to the Summerville Town Council Monday.

The meeting was held in Council Chambers in front of a large crowd.

The project is one solution to the congestion at exit 199 into Summerville.

The alternative plans included less impact on wetlands. Traffic through the neighborhood would not decrease and the alternative would cost $1.5 million more than the initial plan. Both have multiple use paths. Permits would mean a delay in starting construction by at least a year.

Millions of dollars have been invested into the project already.

The initial proposal would split the Weatherstone neighborhood and drew sharp criticism from some homeowners. They worried about property values should a road be built through their neighborhood.

“We’ve got a pretty extensive mitigation plan for each of their concerns,” former Councilman Terry Jenkins said when News 2 asked him about the plans and impact on the community back in September.

The town engineer says plans would speed bumps, stop signs, and barriers where the project runs through the neighborhood.  The road would also have sidewalks. Plus, town leaders say the road offers a new entrance and exit to the neighborhood and will reduce congestion in and around Weatherstone.

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