Mayor-elect Tecklenburg prepared to make history

Monday will usher-in a new era in the City of Charleston.

John Tecklenburg will take the oath of office, taken by only Mayor Joe Riley in the last 40 years.

“I’m ready,” said Tecklenburg, when I sat down with him for a one-on-one interview this week. “We have the swearing-in on Monday, and on Tuesday we have a city council meeting, and there is a full agenda for that, so I’m hitting the ground running.”

Tecklenburg is humbly confident about his ability to lead the holy city, but is also well aware of the legacy his predecessor is leaving behind. As he sat in council chambers, I caught him looking at the plaque on the wall that bears the names of previous mayors, and pointed out to him that his is under a piece of tape just below Riley’s. Tecklenburg began reading some of those names in a reverent tone.

“Lockwood, Grace, Smyth, these names we’ve known in Charleston for generations, it’s exciting…Morrison, Gaillard, Riley…pretty cool,” Tecklenburg said with a smile.

Click on the video above to watch more from my conversation with Mayor-elect John Tecklenburg.



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