The New Year means new laws

The New Year also brings in new laws to the Palmetto state. Two bills passed in the 2015 legislative session went into effect Friday.

2015 was a rousing year at the Statehouse. Lawmakers voted down the Confederate battle flag and body camera legislation garnered more attention partly by the police shooting of Walter Scott in North Charleston.

2016’s new laws are centered around sales tax and medical legislation.

The first new bill adds items to the state’s sales tax exemptions list. Certain construction supplies will only cost what it says on the price sticker. Moreover, children’s school supplies and clothes are on the exempt list if family purchasing can prove they are in need. Aircraft parts and supplies will be on the sale tax exemption list as well.

Another new bill requires doctors and funeral home directors to use an E-filing death certificate system.
Also marked in that bill, doctors can face penalties if they do not file someone’s death certificate within 5 days of a person’s passing.

Legislators return to session Tuesday, January 12.

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