Thousands attend Star Wars premiere; The Force is strong in Charleston

MOUNT PLEASANT, SC – The latest installment of the Star Wars saga is expected to bring ‘the force’ to the box office.

The movie opened across the country tonight and fans lined up at movie theaters throughout the Lowcountry.

Many showed up to theaters in costumes, with plastic light sabers, and some said they don’t care it’s Christmas, they’re going to ‘the dark side.’

The Star Wars phenomenon is taking over the entire country right now and fans will finally get to watch the movie they’ve been waiting for, for years.

Advance ticket sales of ‘The Force Awakens’ have surpassed the 100 million dollar mark according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Online ticket seller Fandango reports the film has broken their record for the most tickets sold for any film during its entire theatrical run.

Films that open in December usually underwhelm the box office on opening weekend as movie goers are usually preparing for the upcoming holidays.

Jurassic World currently holds the top spot for opening weekend sales in the U.S. with $208.8 million in sales.

But some analysts believe the opening weekend sales of this Star Wars film to be as much as $240 million dollars.

This would smash typically lackluster December box office numbers and possibly becoming the biggest opening weekend ever in the U.S.

Cinnebarre in Mount Pleasant told News 2 movie-goers are not allowed to carry plastic light sabers of toy guns in the theater.  Star Wars fans are allowed to dress as their favorite characters but they cannot wear masks, helmets, nor head pieces.

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